Knowing our ancestors means knowing their relationships with the natural world

Perhaps you already have a relationship with your ancestors. Perhaps you already have ancestral reverence practices that deepen your connection to your lineages.

But did you know that connecting to our ancestors also involves knowing about the natural connections that were most valuable to them, and creating these connections in your own life?

In this in-depth class, you will learn about the importance of ancestral recovery work, and how you can begin to implement it in your life.

With a teaching and 2 guided intuitive practices, you will meet an ancestral guide, and also explore their connections to nature through two intuitive exercises.

As is the norm with Sacred Earth Grove, you will receive a grounded and practical teaching about the topic, and also experiential, guided intuitive practice in a safe container.

There is also a bonus class on receiving ancestral healing and blessings.

This class will give you powerful and potent insight on the transformative practice of ancestral reverence, plus provide safe, effective, and practical guidance on how to build your own ancestral reverence practice.

This class includes:

  • A teaching on the context of ancestral reverence practice in the west and why we need to reclaim these ways

  • Safety protocols and clear guidance on how to explore the Otherworld through your intuition

  • Two guided intuitive practices that enable you to connect with your ancestors, that you can keep using to gain further insight over time

  • A section on next steps, giving you direction for what to do going forward after you have made initial contact with your ancestors

  • Specific ideas on how to create your own unique relationship with your ancestral nature connections

  • BONUS: Free 1 hour class on ancestral healing and blessings, with a teaching and experiential practice

This class is for you if:

  • You want to tap into the power of ancestral reverence work, but are not sure how to start

  • You have a spiritual practice, but you want further guidance on working in safe and effective ways

  • You are comfortable with animist cosmology and relating to the dead

  • You are a nature lover, and want to deepen your relationship with the natural world through connecting to your ancestral lineages

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ancestors and Elements

    • Welcome
    • Ancestral Recovery Work
    • Intuitive Practice to Meet an Ancestor
    • Intuitive Practice to Explore Ancestral Nature Connections
    • Next Steps
    • Completion
  • 2

    Ancestral Healing Circle Recording

    • Ancestral Healing Circle Recording


Robyn Watt

Animist Practitioner and Teacher

Robyn Watt

I have been practising and training in earth-honouring practices for 25+ years, with a particular focus on animist traditions of the British Isles, somatic nature connection, ancestor reverence, and embodied intuition. As an English person living in Canada, I follow the path of Gaelic Polytheism and animism in reverence of my ancestry. I am also a mother to three daughters.