Have you ever had such an intense, meaningful dream that it stayed with you for weeks?

Did this dream convey strong emotions, vivid symbolism, and even a profound message?

Yet, when you went to look it up in a dream dictionary or internet search, all you got were superficial, generic statements that didn't reflect your experience at all.

In fact, if you're anything like me, then these generic dream interpretations somehow lessened the power of the dream, because they missed the mark so much.

I am here to tell you that there IS a better way, and that dreams are actually one of the MOST potent ways to access our inner wisdom and guidance - once we learn how to work with them.

And not only that...you can become the EXPERT of your own dreams. In fact, this is the most effective way to proceed with dream interpretation.

The reason dream dictionaries seem so superficial is because they are not based on your individual dream symbology.

For example, take a dream about a tree. In a dream dictionary, it would most likely say that a tree symbolizes stability or peacefulness. But three people could all dream about a tree, and it means something different for all of them! And it can even mean different things for each individual over a lifetime.

To REALLY understand the true dream message, you need to be very aware of your own symbolic code. And when you know this, your dream world opens up into very rich territory.

There is SO much wisdom to be gained from your dreams, but you can't access it until you are in relationship with your own symbology.

If you are ready to learn how to do this, and become intimately familiar with your own symbolic code, then this course is for you! The lessons will take you step-by-step through uncovering the meaning of almost ANY dream - and more importantly, it will give you the skills you need to confidently interpret almost ANY dream.

The 3 core modules are packed full of detailed and comprehensive information about how to understand your dreams, this class takes you step-by-step through a framework designed to make you the master of your own inner worlds.

You will also receive teachings on how to make dream work a regular part of your spiritual practice, solutions to common problems in dreamwork, with a heavy emphasis on how to integrate the wisdom of dreams into your everyday life for greater well-being.

At only $77, this course gives you incredible value, comprising a complete set of spiritual teachings and guidance for making dreams a vital part of your connection to the sacred world.

In this self-paced class, you will receive lifetime access to:

  • A detailed, comprehensive, step-by-step framework for interpreting dreams

  • Several teachings on how dreamwork relates to spiritual practice

  • A guided meditation on how to intuitively connect with the messages in dreams

  • Several downloadable PDF worksheets to help you learn

  • Useful guidance on implementing dream wisdom into your everyday life for enhanced well-being

  • Common problems in dreamwork and how to solve these

  • Easy to follow lessons in audio and video format, that you can access anytime, anywhere

  • Why we need to create relationships with the dreamworld and honour our dreams as sacred to create fully respectful and meaningful spiritual

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!
  • 2

    Dreams and Spiritual Practice

    • How do Dreams relate to Spiritual Practice?
  • 3

    Diving into Practical Dreamwork

    • Preparing to work with Dreams
    • Workshop: Become Your Own Dream Dictionary Framework
    • Heart-Based Awareness Exercise
  • 4

    Next Steps & Troubleshooting

    • Building Relationships With Dreams
    • Troubleshooting: common problems with dreamwork
    • Completion

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Meet your instructor

Robyn Watt

Animist Practitioner and Teacher

Robyn Watt

I have been practising and training in earth-honouring practices for 25+ years, with a particular focus on animist traditions of the British Isles, somatic nature connection, ancestor reverence, and embodied intuition. As an English person living in Canada, I follow the path of Gaelic Polytheism and animism in reverence of my ancestry. I am also a mother to three daughters.

What others have said about Robyn:

"Robyn is knowledgeable and practiced and is a wealth of information" - Natalie B.

"I thoroughly enjoyed her classes. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter that she presents, but she also presents in such a way that keeps one engaged." - Marlene R.

"She is a wealth of knowledge" - Jen C.

"Very gifted lady" - Jenny P.


How does the class work?

The lessons are easily accessible, offered in audio and video format. There are downloadable PDF worksheets to help you learn the material.

You receive access as soon as you register, can go at your own pace, and have lifetime access. 

If you have questions not answered in the class, please email the instructor.

What are the main lessons covered in the class?

This class primarily teaches you how you to:

  • Master the ability to decode your own dreams
  • Weave dreamwork into your spiritual practice, or make it a stand-alone spiritual practice
  • Implement dream wisdom into your waking life for genuine enhancement of well-being

What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are offered 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Any other questions?

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