Did you know that you are the interface between the seen and the unseen?

As conscious, embodied beings, we are constantly walking the threshold between the seen and the unseen. 

It is our natural, innate way of being to engage in ritual practices that fully embrace our existence as physical beings on a spiritual path.

We are not meant to just live out our lives according to how hard we work and how much money we make. There is so much more meaning to our lives when we scratch below the surface.

This profoundly in-depth class takes you on a deep dive into the theory of what ritual is and how it works through immersive animism. 

Through wisdom teachings and depth experiential practice, you will learn how to create rituals for your everyday life, taking the confusion and guesswork out of when and how to practice ritual in ways that feel authentic to you.

This class includes:

  • Full teaching on ritual theory

  • Teaching and practice on developing the Celtic concept of sacred space, the Nemeton, in your own life

  • 11-page e-book on teachings and practices that you can use in your everyday life

  • Ritual practices for both intention and release work

  • Safe, effective, and practical techniques for ritual work

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Theoretical Foundations

    • Welcome
    • Ritual Theory
    • Inner Nemeton & Self as Sacred Space
  • 2

    Part 2: Ritual Practice

    • Center of Gravity Guided Audio
    • Part 2 Intro
    • Inner Nemeton Guided Audio
    • Ritual Practice
    • Closing


Robyn Watt

Animist Practitioner and Teacher

Robyn Watt

I have been practising and training in earth-honouring practices for 25+ years, with a particular focus on animist traditions of the British Isles, somatic nature connection, ancestor reverence, and embodied intuition. As an English person living in Canada, I follow the path of Gaelic Polytheism and animism in reverence of my ancestry. I am also a mother to three daughters.